Pressure Calibration

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Precise and rigorous pressure measurements are crucial to our clients’ operation safety, compliance, productivity, time saving and management competency.  At Premier Calibration, accuracy and precision are always our priority, thus we would not compromise in meeting the high standard of calibration needs including the pressure measurement. In pressure calibration especially, accuracy is critical to our customers’ security and regulatory efficiency.


Just like other fields of calibration, at Premier, our pressure calibration services are also ISO/ICE 17025:2005 calibration-compliant, performed by our well-trained technical team and industry-recognised metrology and quality professionals.

Our pressure calibration lab is fully facilitated with a broad range of standards from pressure gauge to primary sources such as pressure balances or dead weight testers. We can precisely measure pressures with high accuracy and low uncertainties. Our company’s absolute pressure, gauge pressure and low pressure vacuum capabilities are all ISO/IEC 17025-2005 certified, even with calibrated pressure transmitters, calibration testers, pressure gauges, transducers, hydraulic and pneumatic calibrators will be tested carefully. Our pressure and vacuum calibrations conducted by highly trained technicians and industry-renowned metrology and quality professionals.

List of some of some of the instrument that highly required to be calibrated regularly:

  • Pressure Gauge (Analog / Digital)
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • Manometer / Differential Pressure Gauge / Compound Gauge
  • Pressure Transducer
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Pressure Recorder
  • Pressure Safety Valve / Relief Valve
  • Pressure Calibrator etc


Premier’s Pressure and Vacuum Calibration Services are available in whole Malaysia with our ISO accredited Calibration Labs. In addition, our Selangor calibration lab provides high-pressure reference elevation up to 700 bar and high-precision low-pressure capabilities down to -0.9bar for pressure measuring devices. For Differential Pressure Measuring Devices, we are able to calibrate from 0Pa to up to 7000Pa. Our services are suitable for all kind of process environment and offers on-site and process pressure calibration services for OEM or custom conditions. No matter you are in a clean room or on a pipeline, have plenty of pressure gauges or a single instrument in your facility, you can trust Premier’s calibration services to persistently deliver the upper-class certified pressure and vacuum calibration.

Our pressure calibrator laboratory has broad range of standards from precision digital barometers to key sources such as pressure equalization or gravity testers, able to offer low uncertainty calibration services. This allows you to calibrate most types of pressure gauges within our fields including digital barometers, pressure gauges, gauges and power, industrial pressure gauges, charge output or frequency etc