Temperature and Humidity Calibration Services

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Temperature and Humidity Calibration Services for Commercial and Industrial Needs

Temperature is not only affecting our daily life but also the whole industrial productivity and quality. In many industries, the accuracy of their thermometer and temperature related instruments in every single day are very important in their daily operation and production. It is convenient to presume that your temperature instruments measure temperature precisely; unfortunately that is not always the case. Same as any other measuring equipment, traceable calibration is regularly crucial to assure the accuracy of the temperature reading of your measurement instruments. Definitely, PREMIER CALIBRATION’s temperature calibration services would help you have a peace of mind and free from worry that derives from understanding your critical temperatures are on-point.


We are an accredited, SAMM (Skim Akreditasi  Makmal Malaysia) Malaysia-based laboratory, with very well trained and experienced technicians able to accomplish your temperature and humidity calibration both on-site and in our laboratory. We calibrate all types of temperature and humidity instruments regardless the industries, for instance Food and Beverage manufacturing industry, Pharmaceutical, Chemical plants, both private and government Hospitals, both private and government Laboratory, Testing laboratory, Commercial Kitchen, Hotels, Quarry, Palm Oil Industry etc.


Our laboratory uses comprehensive facility to calibrate all kind of temperature and humidity related instruments and equipment. A full range of reference platinum resistance thermometers, metal thermocouples, liquid baths, isothermal calibration furnace etc are well equipped in our laboratory to serve the needs of various type of instrument over the range of -80ºC to 1,200ºC. In order to assure persistent quality service delivery and up to date precision technology, our technical teams have been participated regularly in training and workshop organised by authorised precision organisation.

Here are some of the lists of the instruments that we calibrate:

  • Thermometer, Digital Thermometer
  • Freezer, Chiller, Furnace, Oven, Cold Room, Clean Room, Incubator
  • Walk In Cold Room and Container
  • Water Bath, Autoclave, Humidity Chamber, Hotplate
  • Conveyor Oven
  • Temperature Controller, Temperature Gauge
  • Various type of Heat and Enclosure
  • Digital thermometer with Thermocouple, RTD sensor, surface probe
  • Thermo-hygrograph, Thermohygrometer.
  • Data logger
  • Dry Block / Temperature Calibrator
  • Temperature Transmitter / Transducer
  • Temperature Switch / Temperature Recorder
  • Infra-red- non contact thermometer
  • Liquid In glass Thermometer etc
Why Temperature Calibration Services Is So Important To Your Company?
In many industries, incorrect temperature reading may cause products flaw or defect which lead to high-priced recalls, lost productivity or worse where it may case a life. Even a single mistake in the reading point may setback your company half a year’s profit, destroy your company reputation and disclose your company to liability allegation.

Premier Calibration can support you to prevent possible disastrous situations by verifying your temperature and humidity related instrument to the uppermost standard.