Quality Volumetric Calibration Services for Onsite and Offsite Calibration

Pipettes and micropipettes are very common experimental devices used for measuring and moving small volumes of liquid in most laboratories. Measuring the accuracy of the pipette is essential because differences in volumes dispensing would affect the results of the experiment. In order to assure the accuracy and persistency, it is important to perform the pipette calibration regularly.

The variance between Pipettes and micropipettes is that the pipette usually starts with 1 millilitre (ml) while micropipette measures a much smaller volume from 1 microliter (μ).

Pipettes and Micropipettes are labelled with various names, which are very much depend on the manufacturing companies. Regardless of the brand or manufacturers, at Premier, we are able to calibrate them according to the requirement of MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005, where our volumetric laboratory is accredited by the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia (SAMM), Department Standards of Malaysia (DSM).

Part of the list of Volumetric Equipment:

  • Piston Pipette / Micropipette
  • Burette
  • Graduated Pipette
  • One Mark Volumetric
  • Measuring Cylinder

Traceability System     

Volume is determined by the assembly unit of “litre”, “millilitre” and “microliter”.

At Premier Calibration, we would ensure the traceability to the national volumetric standard to assure the accuracy of the pipettes. Authorised certification and report will be issued to our clients after the volumetric calibration is being performed.