Mass Calibration

Weight & Scale Validation Expert

Weighing Scale and Balance Calibration Services

We offer weighing scale and standard weight calibration for commercial and industrial across the country. We would assure to calibrate your scales and standard weight precisely.

At Premier, We recognize that inaccurate scales may cause loss of revenue or product quality and so we use the ISO accredited Calibration standard with an accuracy measurement. We are investing in our laboratory equipment periodically to assure the quality of our services. Weight calibration services are one of the most common calibrations needed to be performed by most of the industries and commercial businesses.


The calibration and metrology lab at Premier Calibration Sdn Bhd, is located in Selangor, Malaysia. Our laboratory is accomplished to fulfil the endorsed environmental & procedural practices as elaborated in the SAMM (Skim AkreditasiĀ  Makmal Malaysia) [Department of Standard Malaysia] accredited, meeting the requirements of MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standards. Our respective weight and standard weight group of calibration features range from 1miligram to few tonnes and above, where we are able to provide a wide range of services to our customers.


In Premier, our Calibration Laboratories are climate guided, controlling a temperature of 20 Ā°C and maintaining a humidity of 20% to 60%. The laboratories are entirely confined with the air supplied by a devoted, circulatory HVAC system, lessening any substances in the air and maintaining demanding environmental management laboratories standards. We make sure that all weights have enough temperature stabilization time to accustom to the climate of the laboratory.

Types of Weighing Balance Equipment:

  • Analytical Balance
  • Electronic Scale Balance
  • Platform Scale Blanance
  • Moisture Balance + Temperature
  • Micro Balance
  • Hanging Balance
  • Hopper Scale

Standard Weight Equipment:

  • Standard Weight
  • Cast Iron
  • Dead Weight
Our Mass calibration laboratories are furnished with extremely solid lab countertop for all the laboratory comparators, which help in diminishing vibrations to non-existent levels. In Premier, we use certified test weights to do modified single and double substitution Echelon calibration testament. The Premier-certified quality calibration function is traceable to SI units through NIST and ISO-9001 standards and transcends the most compelling quality requirements. Our fast delivery and price competitiveness will outperform most service providers.